The small island country of New Zealand has more to offer than you can anticipate. Other than being the backdrop of the famous fantastic franchise Lord of the Rings, New Zealand does possess all the middle earth charms. In this country, you can admire snowy woods and steamy beaches on the same day. Another cool aspect of travelling in New Zealand is that all the spots are a few hours drive away from each other. All you have to do is, rent a self drive car in New Zealand, and explore the hidden gems in New Zealand at your own pace. You don’t need a special guide to travel around this country. Having said that, this 14 Day New Zealand Travel Itinerary and Guide, will help you planning for your trip to New Zealand and ultimately ticking off these Top 10 Places to visit in New Zealand.

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10 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

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The Bay of Islands

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

Bay of Island is New Zealand’s treasure trove of secluded islands, sparkling beaches and interesting marine life. This lush green group of islands creates a delightful contrast with the blue water of the Pacific ocean that will soothe your eyes when you visit the island. You can hire a boat or a Kayak and paddle yourself to the Hole in the Rock or immerse yourself in search of marine life. Dolphins, whales, seals, colourful fishes and penguins will warm your heart and uplift your spirit.


Champagne Pool | Photo by Holger Offermann on Unsplash

This is a topographical wonder of the world. We all have heard about the geothermal regions, but this is a bit unique. Rotorua is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Steaming geysers, boiling mud pools, hissing thermal springs and volcanic craters add to the extreme atmosphere. You can soak yourself in the mineral-rich water or go trekking, hiking or biking or sky diving in this region. You can also consider going to the Champagne pool or trout fishing.

The Capital City, Auckland

Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

The capital city of New Zealand is a treat to visit for the city and adventure lovers. The glittering city has one of the best skylines in the world with shimmering harbours, volcanic trails and fascinating hiking routes. Taking a stroll around the city upon visiting is the best thing you can do to soak yourself in the energy of Auckland. Visiting the harbours is a must and the black and golden beaches ought not to be missed. Also, the sky tower and the Orbit Revolving Restaurant is unjust to miss.


Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash

This is the Adventure Capital of not only New Zealand but, probably of the World. If you like to hype up your adrenaline from time to time, then Queenstown is THE PLACE for you. From bungee jumping, paragliding, skiing, hiking, rock climbing- they have all the nerve-wracking sports stacked up for you. Also, the natural beauty of this location is unmatched. The flora and fauna, the hills, the beaches- will take your heart to the ninth cloud.

Milford Sound

Photo by Timo Volz on Unsplash

In the land of adventures, Milford is another feather on the cap. Located in the southern island, this place is popular among tourists and locals for it’s rainforests, waterfalls and the famous Mitre Peak. Take a cruise in Milford Sound, to explore the place or go hiking in the woods.

Tongariro National Park

Photo by Tomáš Malík on Unsplash

This is one of the oldest National Parks in the World with several natural wonders from volcanos, hot springs, forests and herb fields and water bodies. The park attracts thousands of tourists every year for its mesmerising natural wonders and views. Consider visiting Lake Taupo for a delightful outing. You must get a look at the lava eruption lines and the Taranaki Falls in the national park.


Photo by Kishan Modi on Unsplash

This is one of the Most Visited Tourist Destinations in New Zealand. One interesting fact about the city is that even though it was almost destroyed in the 2011 earthquake, it has managed to come back to life in its full glory. The city has been reconstructed is now back with more interesting things to explore. The new buildings and shopping malls are of course there but among the new attractions, there are botanical gardens in the city which are home to some of the oldest, largest and tallest trees in the world. There are walking pathways, conservatories and horticulture displays. You can take a fine view of the old and the new city by taking a cable car ride from the top of Mount Cavendish.

Franz Josef Glacier

Photo by Jackman Chiu on Unsplash

This is a fantastic location to visit if you are a snow lover or a mountain enthusiast. This Glacier, along with having the finest views, provides an opportunity to hike an actual glacier. You can get a chopper to get an aerial view of this pristine location. There are a lot of other activities that you can check out here. If you want, you can also get into a hot glacier pool to spend an hour calming your nerves. There are guides available here who can help you out with the plan you are trying to go for.

White Island

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

White Island is home to one of the most active volcanos in the country. You can take a helicopter ride around the island to get a bird’s eye view of the Island and the volcano. You might see volcanologist monitoring the volcano at the sight. Because you are in a active volcano range, you have to wear glasses and hats to prevent the gas from entering your body. If you want to make the trip even more memorable and thrilling get a boat and tour around the island. To take it a notch higher you can also go Scuba diving to explore the underwater hidden cabinets of the volcano.


Photo by Bill Fairs on Unsplash

West of Auckland, this beach has a unique village located on the shores. The mountains are a great place to go hiking or trekking and have fun with your group. There’s a black sand beach as well on the shire which is quite popular among the locals and travellers for surfing. Coupled with adventure, the breathtaking view of the place makes you stop and spend a day in nature’s abode.

These were Top 10 places to visit in New Zealand, which should definitely find a place on your New Zealand Travel Itinerary. This gem of a country has so much to offer at every crossing and turn. An ideal location for backpacking for solo travellers, New Zealand has everything for all your wants and needs.

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