The Everyman’s Land Finland, Finnish words define the independence to roam around the lands wherever you want. You can take a walk in a forest or a garden or any natural place without being worried about authorities red flagging you.

Finland is blessed with one of the finest landscapes and visuals that will take your breath away. From the peaky alpines to vegetative lands, everything about Finland screams beauty.

Amidst all of this one could get easily lost and since everything is beautiful here. To be your compass as always, I have taken some time to put together the most desirable and must-go places in Finland where you can experience and do things like at no other places. Let’s begin!


Rovaniemi and the Arctic

Photo by fox jia on Unsplash

The home to Midnight Sun in the summer, the town of Rovaniemi is the hub for adventurous hiking, trekking, swimming and fishing activities. Locals are welcoming in nature and invite us to enjoy these white bedded snowy nights under the twinkling stars. Witnessing the Christmas celebration here is great and awesome. You can see reindeers and Christmas tree decorations and other proceedings here during the winter. Time falls short here even when one has spent many days here. Metaphorically speaking, you get lost in Rovaniemi’s experience.  It’s something one wouldn’t find on typical tourism spots. You must go there!


Helsinki Cathedral | Photo by Tapio Haaja on Unsplash

Oh Yes! The bearded Humpty dumpy Helsinki from Money Heist comes to your mind when you hear that name. But for now, Let’s not get dwelled on the Money Heist conversation, for now, we will have that some other day but as sweet Helsinki was in the series, in real life, the capital of Finland, Helsinki is equally sweet and mesmerizing. They did justice in naming the characters.

The hub of architectures wonders, to be precise the Christian Architecture roars out the best here. If you see the detailing of each square inch of walls and roofs of the churches here, you will be amused by the work that went behind it. Though holding a religious sentiment here, Churches in Helsinki are one of the best things that ever happened to the world of architecture.


The Northern Lights at Arctic Circle

Photo by Lucas Marcomini on Unsplash

A natural phenomenon that visually takes your breath away. The region near or north of the Arctic Circle hosts it to its best. Now if you want to get geeky about it, it’s one of the numerous celestial phenomena known as polar lights, which are coloured light shafts visible in the night sky on once occasionally.

You can give a treat to your eyes by witnessing this beautiful vision of nature.


Lake Saimaa

The majority of the eastern part of Finland is mostly water bodied. That resulted in hosting a lot of ponds, lakes, rivers, marshes and other water bodies. Lake Saimaa among them all is the gladiator of them all. Covering about 1,300 square kilometres, this lake has witnessed and greeted a lot of visitors.  

If you are about those lakesides, laidback and pondside pony stroll kind of person, you must visit lake Saimaa.


 Old is Gold! The statement is proved right here!

Hameenlinna is one of the oldest cities in Finland with Historical and Archaeological relevance to its prime. Till the 19th century it had a great administrative significance too, which shifted more towards the capital Helsinki in the current era but who forgets their roots, we must not, and they do not either. This place is a must-visit for History Enthusiasts!  Aulanko Nature Reserve is another location here, that is worth visiting.


Suomenlinna Fortress

Suomenlinna Fortress | Photo by Julius Jansson on Unsplash

A UNESCO Heritage Site, Suomenlinna is crowned as one of the best boast scores baggers for Finland. You can spend a whole day here doing many of this and you won’t even feel exhausted.

You have an audiovisual presentation here that briefs about the historical relevance and significance of the fortress along with tunnels and museum walkthroughs exhibiting a lot of historically important relics and articles with backstories.

You must visit this place if you are a curious person and an art lover!



Known for its natural beauty, Aland portrays the best of what the nature hog’s dreams. If you are more about the calm and solitude seeking traveller, you must dip into the maritime and open-air museum here.

One of the oldest Islands onboard, this place is for a laidback tourism experience. If you are in search of peace, visit this place.


Sibelius Monument

Photo by Satu Susanna on Unsplash

Placed to give respect to the nationwide respected music composer Jean Sibelius, this monument is made out of 600 plus steel pipes forming an organ. This monument represents Finnish culture flexes on as being proud to have given birth to one of the greatest composers of all time.

If you are a music enthusiast, you should visit this place!



Photo by Frans Leivo on Unsplash

Nestled between the two beautiful lakes of Nasijarvi and Pyhajarvi, Tampere serves many with its artistic charisma throughout the winter season. It’s not that Tampere isn’t favourable to be visited during summer, it’s just that the prime of Tampere is visible only during the cosy times.

You can visit multiple museums here and if you are an art lover, you must not miss this place as the exhibits will open the gates to a whole another world of historical mysteries and tales for you to aww about.



Photo by Tapio Haaja on Unsplash

Dating back to more than six hundred years, this Finnish city’s structure was designed and made as per the directions of the Swedish Masters. You will find parks, cathedrals and other recreational spaces where the tales of old times would pull your ears.

This city has seen people rise and fall, kids crawl and grow old. The maturity reaped from the age can be heard from the resonating silence and composure the city keeps.

You must visit this place, there is a whole different vibe itself here.

All these places that have been recommended above, should definitely be visited in Finland. For first time visitors, this could be a treat and for your second trip here, I will have a whole new rack of places to visit and things to do ready for you. Have a good trip!


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